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SINCE 1922 the Peninsula's Leading Automotive Supply House

Hopís Place, founded in 1922, has remained a family owned and operated full service automotive parts and paint supply store; an automotive glass repair and replacement facility; and an auto machine shop and auto repair shop all rolled into one corporation.  Hopís Place has maintained its reputation for quality of merchandise and excellence of personal service for 95 years due to the Companyís experienced and dedicated associates,The strength of Hopís Place has always been its employees.

The History of Hopís Place

In 1922, G. Chandler Hopkins, a former Fleischmannís Yeast route salesman, and George S. Tyree, his brother-in-law, began Hopís Place on Queen Street in a corner of the Brittingham Furniture Company building, which was diagonally across from St. Johnís Church in downtown Hampton, Virginia.  Hopís Place, during the early years, sold automotive parts, tires, and accessories.

In 1925, a devastating fire destroyed the four-story Brittingham Furniture Company building.  Fortunately, Mr. Chandler Hopkins and Mr. George Tyree had recently moved their business.  The Newport News Times-Herald reported January 12, 1925, that Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Tyree ďrecently completed a large and imposing filling station and supply store on 17 and 19 Armistead Avenue where they started business this morningĒ.

Hopís Place, a Gulf gasoline distributor for a short time, was primarily an Amoco (American Oil Company) gasoline distributor and was supplied by the Hornsby Oil Company.  In addition, to automotive parts, tires, accessories and gasoline, Hopís Place began to offer other products and services such as tire retreading, Exide automobile batteries, complete lubrication, automobile washing and simonizing, vulcanizing and general auto repair.

Hopís Place had an additional  location, for a short time, on Bridge Street in the general vicinity of the Virginia Air and Space Center.  The purpose for the additional site was to attract the business that was missed by the location on Armistead Avenue.  However, the primary location from 1925 until May of 1969 was 17-23 Armistead Avenue.  The original building, started before the fire, became the service station in the central courtyard of a U-shaped building, which enlarged the property and changed the address from 17-19 Armistead, in 1925, to 17-23 Armistead in 1969.  The location is now occupied by Miller Mart on the corner of Settlerís Landing and Armistead Avenue.  Hopís Place also acquired Johnsonís Hardware, which was across the street from the Armistead Avenue location and this building served as the repair, machine and glass shop for many years, until Hopís Place moved in 1969.  That building, is now occupied by the Yellow Cab Company.

After Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Tyree passed away In the 1940ís, their sons, Charles S. Hopkins and George S. Tyree, were brought into the business.  The business has provided employment for many family members over the years.  Mr. Charles S. Hopkins bought Mr. George S. Tyreeís half of the business in 1962.  Therefore, the entire business came under the ownership of the children of Chandler Hopkins and remains in the family today.  In 1969, due to the redevelopment of downtown Hampton, Hopís Place moved to its current location at 320 West Pembroke Avenue.  The oldest portion of the building on Pembroke Avenue was a Rambler automobile dealership.  Hopís Place added on to the original building and built a 7 bay garage.  The last major construction was building an additional 7 bays on to the garage in front of the original 7 bays.

Hopís Place began selling the Ditzler brand of automotive paint after World War II.  The Ditzler name eventually changed to PPG and now Hopís Place is a Platinum Distributor for PPG Paint.  Factory colors can be matched back to the 1920ís.

Charles S. Hopkins, who passed away in 2006, often remarked during his more than 60 years at Hopís Place, that if Hopís Place has had any success at all it is because of itís employees and itís loyal customers.

Today, Hopís Place continues to serve the 757 area providing wholesale automobile parts, automobile service, automobile glass repair and windshield replacement, machine shop services and PPG automobile paint and paint supplies.

Since 1922


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